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Certificate Program

Certificate Program

YMI offers a Certificate in Youth Ministry. This is not a degree, but rather a completion of eight units or modules in several content areas within youth ministry. Each module deals with one specific aspect of youth ministry. The modules are sequenced to cover the bases in youth ministry by the time your certificate requirements are completed (a minimum of two years). Every module features an intense, yet highly interactive weekend where you come to New Orleans and sit with other youth ministers and a YMI staff person to investigate topics related to the core competencies in youth ministry. The breakdown of required and elective modules is below:



Core Classes (3 units)

  • Introduction to Youth Ministry (Focus is Administration)

  • Youth Ministry in Theory and Practice (Focus is Teaching and Sunday School)

  • Experiencing Transformational Discipleship (Focus is Discipling youth)

January Workshop (1 unit)

  • Youth Ministry Institute conference in January (Focuses on a Different Topic in Youth Ministry Each Year)

Electives (3 units)

  • Students must choose 3 and are encourage to choose 3 classes that meet the greates needs of their particular ministry or expands their skill set the greatest.

  • Leadership Development in Youth Ministry

  • Exploring a Biblical Worldview

  • Adventure Recreation and Games Leadership

  • Equipping Youth for Decision Making and Critical Thought (Offered May week-long worship only)

  • Communication and Evangelism for Youth Audiences (Offered May week-long workshop only)

  • Implementing doctrines in Youth Ministry

  • Intentional Sports Ministry

  • Mentoring in Youth Ministry

Next Steps

If you think the Certificate program is for you, here are your next steps:

  1. Apply to the program by filling out the application below and returning it to the address listed on the application. Certificate Program Application

  2. After receiving notification of admission, you may register for upcoming weekend workshop classes by filling out the form below and returning it to the address listed on the form. Include the payment with the registration form. Weekend Workshop Registration Form

  3. Use the Control Sheet provided to make sure that you get all the classes you need. When you are approaching your last class, it is your responsibility to notify the YMI office that the class you have registered for is the last class in your program. YMI Certificate Control Sheet

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