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a worship arts and improv group with a mission to proclaim the Gospel and promote

Leavell College/NOBTS

Are you interested in drama? Do you like performing skits?


You are invited to audition for a new drama group called Proclaim!




Who can audition?

Any student currently enrolled in Leavell College or NOBTS in the New Orleans area is invited to audition for Proclaim!



When will we rehearse?

The practice schedule is tentatively set for Thursday evenings from 6-8pm



Where will we perform?

The initial focus of Proclaim! will be local church youth groups – performing from one or two skits to an entire worship service



Who is directing?

Dr. David Odom will direct Proclaim! Dr. Odom served in youth ministry for over 25 years and he has experience directing a drama group.



How do I audition?

We are using a site called "Signups" to schedule student auditions. Click on the link below to sign-up for a time.


How do I prepare for the audition?

Come to the audition prepared to perform a selection from “God’s Chisel” by Eddie James and Tommy Woodard. Click on the link below to download the sample script. You will also be asked to demonstrate your improv skill by acting out a scene as directed by the audition panel.


Tuesday, March 23

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