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Reaching Generation Z

YMI has created an infographic to help introduce youth leaders to today's teenagers. Generation Z, students born between 1996-2010, comprise the largest segment of the U.S. population (25%). According to research, today's students are also highly relational and collaborative. Today's teens use between 3 to 5 different screens on a daily basis. These screens include smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and televisions. They have a preference for "snackable" content found on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Although Gen Z teens are digital natives, they still prefer face-to-face communication. Forty-one percent of today's students attend weekly religious services (that's higher than Millennials). However, only 8% would name a religious leader as a role model.

Dr. David Odom serves as the new Director of the Youth Ministry Institute. He is Associate Professor of Student Ministry at NOBTS. He holds a B.A. from Liberty University along with an MARE and Ph.D. from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before joining faculty, Dr. Odom taught youth ministry at Grace University in Omaha, NE and served as Youth Minister in churches in Texas and Alabama.

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